Jimmy Wayne

Jimmy Wayne is country music singer and song writer. He is well known now, but it wasn’t always that way. Jimmy Wayne

During his childhood he experienced homelessness and living in several foster homes. Like many in foster care, Jimmy’s biological father that was not in the picture since his birth. His mother was involved but had frequent times leaving Jimmy, while also spending time in jail. He was in and out of foster care because of this unrest in his home life. He even spent some time living on the streets and being homeless.

He was able to find stable housing as a teenager when an elderly neighbor couple took him and his sister in. He stayed with them for six years and it brought the stability and consistency that he needed. Having that safe place to live allowed Jimmy to focus his life and get clarity to how he might live. He set his sights for completing his associates degree at a local community college. After graduation with a degree in criminal justice he was able to find work at a correctional facility. While there, he was able to explore his gifting in music.  After having several years of work experience he moved to Nashville to pursue music career.

Since he has become successful in the music industry he has used his platform to serve as advocate to those youth that are in the foster care system and are experiencing homelessness. Recently, Jimmy started a project called Meet Me Half Way. The project involved him walking from Nashville TN to Phoenix AZ to raise awareness about homelessness among young people, in particular those in the foster care system. He walked almost 1700 miles across the country to help get his message out. It is a really powerful act to take the time and sacrifice to bring attention to the needs of teenagers in foster youth.

Jimmy’s story is powerful to read about because you have to wonder if he was not able to find stable housing as a teenager if he would have been able to start his career in music. The stability he received was due to the loving and caring home of the elderly couple to took him in. They had a direct impact on his ability to be successful as an adult. It makes me think about how essential and vitally important the role of a caring adult in the lives of young people. The role they play can shape and change the destiny and trajectory of the youth in society. It is a power story indeed.

My Testimony

Music has played a big part of my life. Ever since I was young I remember being in a home filled with music. I have an appreciation for many musical genres. When I was a teenager music became a refugee for me as I went through hardships in school and family.

In the middle of high school I went to a Christian camp and it changed my life. I gave my life to Jesus and chose to spend the rest of my days, as best I could following His ways for my life. This meant that I had to give up some of my favorite artists in order to have a time to focus on the Lord. I came back from camp different and full of a positive attitude. I have found that this positive vibe is from God’s work in my life and heart. I know I still have room to grow but this moment as summer camp was truly impacting to me.

As I have grown into an adult I still use music in my life. I find myself reading my best study bible to grow closer to Him and the music helps me focus on my relationship with God instead of the distracting things around me. I also have played on my local churches worship band. I have been able to play bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar as well. These moments to play Christian music in a church setting to help people experience the presence of God in a tangible way has been life changing. That is why I believe in the power of music and feel like as I continue to grow in my faith, the music will keep getting better and more meaningful.

I am working everyday at writing, recording, practicing, and journaling to improve my craft of music. I know that I have a long way to go but I know that I am getting better and look forward to seeing my career in music grow. I hope that I can be a performer and more importantly, a person whom people can see the spirit of Christ in and will come to know the powerful person He is to me and can be for themselves as they turn their hearts to Him. Thanks for visiting my page, and stay turned.